Confirmation is considered a sacrament of initiation. That tells us that Confirmation has something to do with our being introduced into the life of God and of the Church. The first initiation was Baptism, when we were adopted by God and welcomed into the family of the Church. Baptism set us on the path to eternal life, and got things started. Confirmation intensifies that beginning and blesses us with the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, we might call it “stage two” of our becoming God’s children.

  • Wisdom is the ability to properly value our faith. To put life in proper perspective.
  • Understanding helps us realize the meaning of what we believe—at least to some significant degree.
  • Counsel helps us act in the best way possible.
  • Fortitude gives us the strength to do what we know we ought to do.
  • Knowledge helps us see life as God sees it.
  • Piety helps us desire to worship and serve God.
  • Fear of the Lord helps us want to serve God well out of a sense of respect.

Confirmation deepens our baptismal life that calls us to be missionary witnesses of Christ in our families, neighborhoods, society, and the world. We receive the message of faith in a deeper and more intensive manner, with great emphasis given to the person of Jesus Christ, who asked the Father to give the Holy Spirit to the Church for building up the community in loving service.